Michael Jackson Funeral Pictures

Michael Jackson Funeral Pictures

More than 2 months after he died, and following a steady trickle of gossip over how and where he would be laid to rest, Michael Jackson was entombed Thursday night at a highly guarded mausoleum in a LA suburb.

About 200 people, including high profile celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor, Lisa Marie Presley, Macaulay Culkin, Quincy Jones and many other celebrities, attended the almost 90-minute ceremony behind the gates of the heavily guarded Forest Lawn cemetery here, several miles north of downtown LA in California.

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Paris Hilton - 'Has Been' Celebrity?

Paris Hilton

I'm not seeing any Paris Hilton news I think for more than a month now. Unlike before that she is the content of almost all of the celebrity and entertainment blog. I mean I'm not used to that, she is one of my fave celebs and not seeing her makes me thing she's a has been celebrity.

Anyway if you're a true fan of someone else you won't think that way. The last thing I heard about Paris Hilton is when she attend a party on Las Vegas, where you can also do. There is also a website where you can get a company or dealer to run your event or poker night.
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Chace Crawford on my TV

Chace Crawford Myspace

Aside from Zac Efron, the other male celebrities that I really like is Chace Crawford. I find him so cute, I think his 'boy next door' image is the reason for it. Anyway Chace is on the news lately because of her sister Candice Crawford, who is also reportedly dating the ex-BF of Jessica Simpson named Tony Romo, a quarterback player.

Hahaha! I can't really get enough of my daily dose of celebrity news. I can't help it on the internet, even on our TV, I'm always fascinated with them. I think I will convince my mom to buy us a samsung hd ready tv so I can do my promise to her that I will not use our PC that often. Atleast if I'm on the TV I can do household chores once it's on commercial break :))
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